Domestic Violence And How It Affects Families

In North Carolina, domestic violence charges are serious offenses. They indicate that a member of a household chose to inflict harm on someone in their own family or someone who is close to them. These offenses can destroy families and create the fear of harm. The following are details about domestic violence and how it affects families.

When the Home Becomes a Battle Ground

Once these incidents occur, the victim won’t feel safe in their own home. They will develop anxiety and fear for the next attack. They won’t be able to trust that they are safe despite who remains in the property with them. Domestic violence is defined as a physical attack by a family member or romantic partner. These offenses could also involve individuals who had a relationship prior to this attack.

When the Children are No Longer Safe

Children who become victims of domestic violence will also require counseling. They will become terrified of the family member that injured them. If their attacker was a parent, these children could face even more changes in their lives. If they have one parent only, they could end up in the system and live with foster parents. This could lead to a lifetime of believing that they weren’t loved.

When a Spouse Fears for Their Lives

A spouse who was attacked can acquire a protection order against their attacker as can their child. A protection order prevents the attacker from visiting them or having any contact with them. When the victim files for a divorce, this case can have some bearing on the outcome. It can lead to the termination of parental rights as well.

Individuals who face these charges will incur penalties based on the exact offense in addition to extra penalties due to this classification. In most cases, these offenses are classified as felonies. When this is the case, they face even more life-altering circumstances when they are released from prison. They will face difficulties in acquiring gainful employment. They may also be restricted from living in certain areas as well. Defendants who are facing domestic violence charges contact Powers McCartan PLLC for more info.

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